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Episode 24-23

So-Called “Free State of Florida” | Why A Marine Defends His "LGBT Bros" | PSYOPS Vet Talks Domestic Terrorism | SCOTUS Clobbers Minorities - Exempts the Military
I delivered a long show today on the Fascism and cruelty of the “Free State Of Florida’s” gonad-curious governor.  With SCOTUS just determining that, in a return to 1950s-style clodhoppery, the homosexual, n*gro, hisp*nic, and j*w may not expect equal access to higher education. This movement de bowel is metastasizing across the fruited plain.  In the former Sunshine State, ...

Episode 22-23

21 Year Old Russian Explains Wagner Group & the Kremlin’s Next Move | Rant: Having a $600,000 baby In the Deep South
With us is, via zoom from Moscow, is 21 year old Russian journalist, Mark Luzhkovyi, whose covering the Ukrainian conflict along with Russian-specific geopolitics.  Mark is at ground Zero in Moscow where the worlds eyes continue to be focused.  Providing the perspective of a young person buttressing a war zone. Harrison Rant: why the corporate media is complicit

Episode 21-23

Rare Nixon Audio & Daniel Ellsberg | Navy Pilot Cracks Open Government UFO (UAP) Program | What Are Transgenders?
Daniel Ellsberg rarely appeared on TV… yet he changed U.S. history like few private citizens. Back in 1971, Daniel Ellsberg, a Pentagon military analyst, released a comprehensive record of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. Known as the "Pentagon Papers" … and his disclosure ended the 20th century's longest U.S. war. A landmark Supreme Court press freedom decision woul...

Episode 20-23

Why Politicians Are Obsessed With Gay | Disney's Real Passion | Greg Palast on His Film, "Vigilante'
The Army is changing the way it measures body fat on soldiers … to make sure that its force remains fit for duty. When a soldier’s weight is too much in relation to their height … the Army has relied on measuring the soldier and then using a complicated equation to determine if they have too much body fat. The measurements were taken at different locations for men and women ...

Episode 19-23

VA Chief Talks Alzheimer’s | Shipping Cluster Bombs To Ukraine
It’s now estimated that around 7 million people 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s dementia in the United States – a progressive disease that involves the deterioration of nerve cells in the brain, which in turn affects thoughts, memory, and language.  The Department of Veterans Affairs is committed to providing care and support to Veterans and their caregivers imp...

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