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Episode 29-23

Can Trump Have A Future? | New 9-11 Lawsuits & What They Reveal

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Guest(s): Lionel - New York Attorney, Host of Lionel Nation, Ray McGinnis - Investigative Jounalist

What does the constitution say about a multiply-indicted person, seen legally as a “criminal” running for President?  Do indictments and arrests matter at that level - Commander in chief?  Then, it took a Canadian to ask the tough questions about 911 and he’s written a book about it that reveals what the US press won’t.

Donald Trump's legal issues will be fought on 2 distinct fronts, neither of which he can afford to lose. First, the courtrooms, and then perhaps even more importantly, in the realm of Republican/Independent public opinion. If Trump loses either, his career as a politician is over.  Really?  That’s what we’re all being told.  Much like PT Barnum, the more bearded ladies you have under your tent the bigger the crowd. Ringling Brothers used to winter north of Sarasota in Florida. Routinely, they were custody battles over the offspring of the lobster boy and any of his girlfriends. Did it hurt the circus? Diminish the amount of attendees? Become a sermon in the local Baptist Church? No! In fact, it's sold more newspapers, increased TV ratings, and exploded attendance for the circus.

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