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Episode 28-23

Broker Arranging Loans At 0% Interest

Rethinking Capitalism!

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Guest(s): Sara Weldon - President of TruFinCo

The way this works is simple.

The application takes a mere 10-15 seconds, it is a soft pull only to apply and you have a funding offer (or decline) within 24 hours.

To move forward requires very little documentation, proof of identity as well as info on your entity. That’s it!

From there the funding source gets to work and within 2-3 weeks funding is complete and you now have access to extremely affordable capital to use for your business. Business credit does come in the form of business credit however you can liquidate it and use it just like cash. In fact many savvy real estate investors use it to purchase investment properties. You can call 321-3-HEROES and we will connect you with Sara.

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