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Episode 24-23

So-Called “Free State of Florida” | Why A Marine Defends His "LGBT Bros" | PSYOPS Vet Talks Domestic Terrorism | SCOTUS Clobbers Minorities - Exempts the Military

Freedom, Soviet-Style

Archived Video & Audio

Guest(s): Brent Hatley - US Marines, John Kirbow - US Army PSYOP Veteran, Kevin Kumashiro - Education Deans for Justice and Equity

I delivered a long show today on the Fascism and cruelty of the “Free State Of Florida’s” gonad-curious governor.  With SCOTUS just determining that, in a return to 1950s-style clodhoppery, the homosexual, n*gro, hisp*nic, and j*w may not expect equal access to higher education. This movement de bowel is metastasizing across the fruited plain.  In the former Sunshine State, 200 new laws just went into effect that would grizzle the most grizzled geezer who lived through World War II. AR-15s are allowed in Botox clinics and Toys R Us; ice cream parlors and anal bleaching centers alike.  But books are banned and medicine withheld based on “moral reasons” from people who vote the wrong way.  Stalin must be rubbing his crabbed organ from the flames below and Goebbels must be limp-dancing on his clubbed leg for which he always received treatment despite his known “otherness”.

And it's all for politics for a party that barely resembles that of Abraham Lincoln or General Dwight D Eisenhower. Anything these blackguards can do to reduce and purge all the not-GOP voters is the goal of this evolving power game. An age-old ploy that always works when the average bloke is fed CNN or Fox as their main course.  Bummer that GOP only has a tranche of 80+ year old diehards from which to derive its undesirable new powers.  Flushing the social toilets leaves the bowl clean for Mildred and George who represent a disproportionately large GOP electorate in what used to be called the Sunshine State.  Mildred knows that Drag Queens are grooming children - children, the diametric opposite of anything remotely interesting to a drag queen. You'd have to give RuPaul $1 million to spend even two minutes with somebody's kid.

It is now illegal to sell my condo to a “chinaman” in FLA because he is a commie, yet his factories are models of patriotic business practices.   Add Venezuelans, Cubans, and a whole host of other cultures if that condo, property, real estate is within 10 miles of a military base. The whole state of Florida is a giant military base from NASA to Key West. Problem solved.

Orwell was gay and Huxley was straight… and yet they’re both banned in Florida. It’s their ideas, not their genitals.  And if it weren’t for the Emperor Hadrian and his boyfriend, Antonus, there’d be no concept of public liberrys from which to ban books.

Meanwhile, the great patriot, Bob Hope, still appears in drag on TV without a whiff of concern.

Oh, how the stench of b******t burns the nostrils.

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