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Episode 29-23

Can Trump Have A Future? | New 9-11 Lawsuits & What They Reveal
What does the constitution say about a multiply-indicted person, seen legally as a “criminal” running for President?  Do indictments and arrests matter at that level - Commander in chief?  Then, it took a Canadian to ask the tough questions about 911 and he’s written a book about it that reveals what the US press won’t. Donald Trump's legal issues will be fought on 2 distin...

Episode 28-23

Broker Arranging Loans At 0% Interest
The way this works is simple. The application takes a mere 10-15 seconds, it is a soft pull only to apply and you have a funding offer (or decline) within 24 hours. To move forward requires very little documentation, proof of identity as well as info on your entity. That’s it! From there the funding source gets to work and within 2-3 weeks funding is complete and you now ...

Episode 27-23

Oppenheimer's Untold Secret | How WWII Secret Agent Started Russian Cold War
When the subject of the movie, Ted Hall, Arrived at Los Alamos in Jan. 1944, he was put to work on refining the complicated implosion system needed to detonate the plutonium bomb. As he did that work through that summer, it became clear to him and many other scientists that Germany was not going to get the bomb. The war was going oo badly for them. While scientists like Nie...

Episode 26-23

Former (Gay)Syrian Officer Flees Assad; is captured/tortured by Al Qaeda | A Polish teacher recounts the Soviet clutch!
Izabela Świerczek has lived in Poland her whole life, and experienced communism from birth until 1989 when the transition to democratic system came about in Eastern Europe. On one day she only knew what the Soviets had told her, her whole life; by the next day, her history teachers were suddenly revealing a different history – the same history you and I were prob...

Episode 25-23

'Natural Capitalism', L. Hunter Lovins
As we pursue the WholEarth Game - a game of trust and sharing, we bring on new heroes making a brighter future all the more possible by their insights and proven concepts. with us today, is L Huntet Lovins, author of several books, including Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution (with Amory Lovins and Paul Hawken), which has been translated into 20 lan...

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