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Taking a Bite Out of Big Pharma

Capital Rx has eliminated the high fees and hidden drug mark-ups.

No membership fees • No credit card required • No expiration

This savings card is not an insurance program and cannot be combined with insurance. The range of discounts for prescription services provided under the card will vary depending on the type of pharmacy and medication received. Plan members are obligated to pay for all prescriptions, but will receive a discount from those over 65,000 pharmacies that have contracted with the discount card.

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Rethinking Heroes is pleased to find one more way in which we can help all heroes resist the “extractive society” in which we are living. We see Capital Rx as a wonderful corrective in the case of dealing with the high cost of pharmaceuticals. Getting a handsome discount for your medication is a great way to preserve any family’s budget.

Whatever your hero status, download your free card to start saving today!

Listen to Cary Harrison's Interview with AJ Loiacono, CEO of Capital Rx, Discussing Prescription Drug Prices

AJ Loiacono, Co-founder and CEO of Capital Rx, has over 20 years of experience in pharmacy benefits, finance, and software development. He is on a mission to create the first efficient market for prescription prices and provide employer groups, labor unions, and others with the highest standard of care to create enduring change. To that end, he has spent his career studying the pharmaceutical supply chain and developing solutions that have continually redefined how the pharmacy benefit industry functions and patients get the medication they need.

Find Prices & Pharmacies

The range of discounts for prescription services provided under the card will vary depending on the type of pharmacy and medication received. To search for pricing and identify participating pharmacies, go to Capital Rx's look up page.

Example of Capital Rx's drug pricing and pharmacy look-up

Use Capital Rx's look up page to quickly and easily find the best prices for your medication at participating pharmacies.


Am I Eligible For This Card?

Everyone is eligible to use the Capital Rx Advantage Card. While this is not a health insurance program, presenting this prescription savings card to the pharmacist can help you and your family get discounts on your prescriptions.

Do I Need To Pay For This Card?

No. We believe in affordable and ethical healthcare. The Capital Rx Advantage prescription savings card is free to download.

How Do I Use This Card?

Simply present the card to your pharmacist when you fill your prescriptions to find discounts on your prescriptions. This card is not a health insurance program and cannot be combined with any other third-party insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Which Medications Are Covered?

The Capital Rx Advantage card helps you to save on most of the prescriptions that you and your family depend on to live healthy lives.

Is Capital Rx HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. To understand more about how Capital Rx protects your private information, please read their privacy policy.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions are provided by Capital Rx and can be found here.

You can contact Capital Rx at (844) 722-7794.

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