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$1,000,000 and Counting!




On behalf of our Veterans, at the end of each month we will wipe out $1,000,000 ($1M) in US medical debt spread across America.

We're able to do this as part of the Veteran Mission Possible campaign and with the charitable brilliance of RIP Medical Debt.

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Episode 16-23

Space Command Senior Advisor Cautions Nearness of Nuclear Strike | Former SS in Early NATO? | Should Gay Bookstores Be Worried?
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Legally Banning Books | Pentagon Papers’ Son Robert Ellsberg on Truth-Telling | How to Avoid Medical Debt | Life-Altering Illnesses and You
Policy solutions to address the medical debt crisis from RIP Medical’s Eva Stahl. Does the public have a right to know about so much that is hidden from view, especially threats to peace? “We need truth-tellers inside major institutions, especially those involved in war-making to share internal secrets. Even if this means risking security clearances, careers or even...

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What People Are Saying

Michael Raposa

CEO, St. Vincent de Paul CARES

"What you're doing at Rethinking Heroes is so important and we need more people like you."

Lou Correa

US Congressman (D-CA)

Cary, our Veterans deserve our very best. What you're doing with Rethinking Heroes is brave and important.

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- The Infinite Dial 2023, Edison Research

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